Services & Facilities

This Development provides each erf with semi-purified water to encourage vegetation and plant life while saving precious water. It is the first Development of this kind to have drinking and semi-purified water connected to all its erf/plots. Highly accessible, only two hours flight from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Luandaimag00010 and Gaborone. Without doubt, a truly memorable home, holiday and business destination.

Breathing life into this luxury estate with hundreds of palm trees enhancing its beauty requires passion, fine artisanship and meticulous attention to detail. Of the total area, beautifully paved roads cover approximately 100,000 sq.m and are surrounded by newly transplanted giant palm trees on the side of the main road. The roads are 18m wide to give ample space between residences and moving vehicles, keeping the mosaic of the red earth and grey concrete tapestry in harmony with the surrounding.

Merging business and leisure, an ultra-modern Hotel with adjacent business facilities will be the heart of the Development. Taking luxury to the next dimension, the Hotel will offer executive suites, conference facilities and a wellness centre. Encouraging individual creativity while fostering a sense of unity and synergy, Afrodite Beach will be a secure and peaceful residential Development, blending harmoniously with the surrounding environment. With an international airport, nearby Walvis Bay offers great potential for expansion and growth. This thriving harbor town with its well Developed Port is the gateway for trade to Central and West Africa, and to the rest of the World. Its World-renowned Fishing Industry, Tourism, Mining Industry and rapidly expanding economy makes it an obvious choice for investors.

Services, amenities and facilities have been designed to provide comfort and luxury. Such as the following:

  • Single entrance/exit
  • Interlocked roads and pavements
  • Eighteen meter double lane driveway lined with plants and shrubs in the middle
  • Multiple walk paths leading to the beach
  • Aesthetically friendly boundary wall erected from the entrance up to the southern part of Afrodite Beach to prevent wrongful entry by off-road vehicles and quad bikes
  • Palm trees in and around the development
  • Telephone line connections to each property
  • Electricity connections to each property Electrical substations and reticulations
  • Drinking water connection to each property
  • Semi purified water connection to each property to encourage vegetation and plant life
  • Sewerage services to each property
  • Storm water services within the development
  • Attractive landscaping along the sea front

Some of the luxury and convenient facilities include:

  • Conference facilities
  • Dining & Entertainment
  • Commercial mall
  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Surveillance cameras to ensure a safe environment
  • Luxury hotel