About Walvis Bay

wba2Walvis Bay is geographically and internationally well situated. Located on the southwest coast of Africa (central coast of Namibia) along the Atlantic Ocean, the city is about 700 nautical miles from Cape Town, South Africa and 900 nautical miles from Luanda, Angola. The harbor city is well protected by the Pelican Peninsular with a desert climate and has great potential for expansion and growth. The expansive Walvis Bay Municipal area covers 1,124km² which includes some 60km of coastline. With more than 65,000 inhabitants, Walvis Bay has always been a drawing card for job seekers and investors alike. Although its economy revolves around its internationally renowned fishing industry, other industries are emerging as strong income generating sectors. This includes the budding tourism industry, engineering, cargo handling and property development.

Walvis Bay enjoys a near-perfect climate thanks to the cold Benguella Current, which creates temperate conditions all year round and an obvious attractive choice for entrepreneurs, residents and tourists alike. This is particularly true in summer (November to April), when Walvis Bay becomes a cool haven for those seeking refuge from the inland heat. Walvis Bay is a thriving city with a rapidly growing economy. Boasting one of the busiest ports in Africa, Walvis Bay has established itself as the gateway for trade, imports and exports between America, Europe, Far East and landlocked countries in Africa.