Namibia Chamber of Commerce

The chamber of commerce in Walvis Bay was established in 1955 and was incorporated into the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI), which was newly established on 15 July 1990 as a representative body for the Namibian business sector. Since its inception, the NCCI has successfully facilitated numerous business ventures between its members and businesses elsewhere in the world. Its main mandate is to advocate the interests of its members and to provide a wide range of services to the business community in and outside Namibia. The NCCI has a membership base of over 2,000 businesses from all sectors of the Namibian economy. The Chamber has also established branches in 14 towns in Namibia, in an effort to bring its services closer to its members.

The NCCI has established itself as the premier voice of the Namibian business fraternity and has engaged key stakeholders such as the Government and organized labor on crucial issues affecting the business environment in the country. For many years, our advocacy activities facilitated valuable inputs of the Namibian enterprise sector into policies and laws which have bearing on the business environment in the country.
The NCCI offers a wide range of services to improve the effectiveness, competitiveness and ultimately, the profitability of businesses in the country. Some of these services include adapting to global trends that affect your business, implementing industry best practices on competitiveness, improving internal efficiency and productivity and providing insight into Government policies and their impact on businesses, as well as identifying and capitalizing on networking opportunities with local and international entrepreneurs.

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